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BS Charts - Movie 2.0 15th March 2010
EC2 Charts - Movie 2.2 15th March 2010
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The Movies show how the Service Stress, N & M and Ultimate Stress charts adjust as X varies from -∞ to H / λ
HAC-PRO includes UK National Annex Amendment No 1.Dec 2009.
The program may be re-loaded between revisions to correct minor typos, update info etc. -Check Last Update Date.
See PRO version change history at the foot of this page.
Program allows up to 24 designs to either BS8110 & BS8007 or EC2 or IS456
Special arrangements can be made for universities and colleges
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Change History
3-1-4 Uses updated Lockxls and is generated via Office 365 & Excel 2019
3-1-3 Main 1 User can select the Irish National Annex in respect of XC4 exposure.
3-1-2 Main 1 User can control the h / L factr used in Edge Restraint to C766 by entering Edg h/L i.e. Edg 0.1Edg 0.15Edg 0.2 etc.
The C766 default h / L is 0.1 but 0.2 may be used where the wall is cast against an existing wall.
Otherwise, for C660 or if no R / Rj factor is required to C766, enter Edge as before.
User can now specify the CIRIA T1 derived Ground Slab values for a C660 design in Cell I144
For a traditional design,using 1.3 x wall H and steel formwork, specify 1.3H
For a design using the CIRIA T1 Ground Slab prpgram enter Slab.
HAC no longer gives the user the option of using the T1 charts published in C660.
The C660 T1 values are derived from the C660 CIRIA T1 program.
For a C766 ground slab design, HAC-PRO only uses the C766 CIRIA T1 Ground Slab program values.
Note. The C766 T1 values are revised from the C660 T1 values, especially in respect of GGBS.
Restr The restraint example on sheet 11 now only applies the R / Rj factor to the Edge Restraint case.
3-1-1 Major Update to include CIRIA C766 and work in progress incorporating Draft 2023 Eurocode changes (D3)
Int, FAQ, Ref Updated in respect of C766
Main 1 Can select C660 or C766
Pour Length & Pour Height input included to allow R / Rj calculation
Restraint at ht = 0.1L / Restraint at Joint (R / Rj) displayed in place of Min Shrinkage % for C766
Long term C766 Creep Coefficient is now 0.5
All C766 T1 calculations arebased on latest CIRIA Adiabatic spreadsheet (V2)
This uses the HAC derived values in a similar method as before and massive Look Up Table.
C766 T1 calculations for a ground slab are now based on the CIRIA ground slab calculator
Program is able to link with CIRIA Adiabatic program (currently disabled, pending agreement wirth CIRIA)
This will allow the user to display exact CIRIA T1 values in the margin according to the selected design case.
Info Updated in respect of C766
Shr Allows selection of D3 to see the proposed changes
Pun Allows selection of D3 to see the proposed changes
Restr 1 Updated to include C766 Creep Coefficients
5 Updtated to include variation in R / Rj with L/H and h/L
10 Example Input updated to include R / Rj calculation and revised C766 Long Term Coefficient
11 Example Output updated to include R / Rj and C766 revised Long Term Coefficient
18 New T1 Charts added for C766 Ground Slab
2-2-6 Main 1 Aggressive Water Degradation mix options added
Restr Aggressive Water Degradation mix graph added
2-2-5 Main 1 Diagrams to right of sheet tidied up.
2-2-4 Restr 18 %ΔWk1 Option included in Parameters.Chart re-arranged to move Head / H to display next to Wk1
Temperature Range is now 10 deg to 35 deg
2-2-3 Restr New sheet added which displays placing temp according to Normal Water Level and Mix Combination
2-2-2 Crack New sheet added which explains terms when Direct Load Force > Cracking Force
2-2-1 Main 1 Alkali Silica Reaction check to BRE Digest 330 added
Sheet re-arranged to allow easier copying and pasting of input data to other workbooks
Crack Crack Diagram Updated and explanations added
Derivation of average crack width εsm - εcm added
Derivation of crack width zone Sr,max added
Charts added showing Modular Ratio Increase with time due to Creep
2-1-9 Concrete Strength is now included as an option for assessing cover to BS8500 - 1.
50 Yr and 100 Yr Cover calculations updated.
DC Class compliance now displays adjacent to Combination Type output.
Formula for crack spacing in Restr tab corrected to use H/2 if it is less than 2.5(Cover + Dia/2).
2-1-8 2010 Version is now Compatible with Excel 2016.Some minor usability Issues with 2003 Version Resolved.
Note:- These versions have the same content as V - 2 - 1 - 7.
So, if V - 2 - 1 - 7 is working fine on your computer, you do not need to download V - 2 - 1 - 8.
2-1-7 EC2 anchorage length straight bar α2 factor Cd value corrected to include 0.5 x clear distance between bars. Ref Cl 8.4.4 (1)
2-1-6 Minor Adjustments
2-1-5 EC2 Reinforced Punching Shear Capacity Factor now reduces when Control Perimeter> 2.0D
2-1-4 Minor Adjustments
2-1-3 N - M Diagram adjusted in respect of column side bars
EC2 Punching shear adjusted
2-1-2 Crack tab Ec and Modular Ratio values now relate to the Aggregate selected on the MAIN1 tab-(previously used default).
See Red Note above about what to do if you get a "Too Many Formats" error message.Can occur with extensive copying and pasting.
2-1-1 Major Update to Version 2 which now Includes Design to Indian Standard IS 456
Select IS as the design code to allow the following compliant designs
Flexural, Flexural & Axial, Biaxial Columns, Shear & Punching Shear, Crack Control
The Ultimate, Shear and Punching Shear explanatory tabs have been updated to display IS method
A new sheet has been added at the end which explains how these features have been included
Program can now display the Face 1 concrete stress based on utilising the concrete in tension
The results are only valid if the tensile stress is less than αct x fctm and non compliance is highlighted in red.
These values can be displayed by changing the W2 output box to Fct, so this will apply to all 12 results on the page
These results must be treated with caution as the section may crack due to day joints and or shrinkage actions
1-5-8 Bundled Bars bond dia (φ) options added to Main Sheet (Cell J111) - For use in calculating EC2 crack spacing (Equ 7.11)
1-5-7 Section Diagrams can now display 14mm, 18mm, 24mm, 28mm & 36mm dia bars.
Strain Diagram updated in Crack tab (Pro Version)
1-5-5 Pro Version Only - Service Stress Diagram adjusted
1-5-5 Ec value used in αe in Equ 7.9 explained and user choices added.
Nominal cover no longer dependant on design strength.
Guidance added on cement content required to satisfy strength - Useful when specifying PFA & GGBS.
Default exposure now XC4 and default design life now 100 years
Minimum ultimate reinforcement now shown as % As1 / B D for EC2 and % As1 / B H for BS
1-5 -4 Relative humidity of 100% now displays a drying shrinkage of zero.
1-5 -3 Creep coefficient values corrected where cube strength is less than 32 N/mm≤
Spreadsheet now allows As2/As1 > d1/d2 with high tension
Comments added advising against very unequal As1 & As2 with very high Axial values
Comments added advising that Moment can only cause tension in Face 1
k2 values for W2 crack spacing are now independent of W1 values.
1-5-2 T1 values adjusted in respect of GGBS% values
Explanation of T1 derivation updated
Additional charts added to demonstrate how different parameters affect T1
Instructions included on how to print out and use T1 charts manually
T1 ply and steel charts updated in respect of GGBS% and Placing Temp divisions
T1 ply and steel charts now split into 4 smaller charts to improve clarity
1-5-1 T1 can now be calculated using results from C660 Adiabatic method
T1 can now be calculated for Slabs up to 1675mm thick and for Walls up to 2200mm wide
Improved accuracy of calculation of T1 for varying placing and mean temperatures
Charts added for T1 against H variations for changes in mix, placing and mean temperatures
These interactive charts cover ply and steel formwork are at the end of the Restraint Section
Smaller and simpler versions of these charts are included in Main1 and Main2 sheets
1-5-0 T1 value now varies by 75% x ( ( Placing Temp - Mean Daily Temp ) - 5 deg )
End restraint concrete tensile strength factor αct (0.8 is advised) added
End restrained length Lr can now be specified or if ignored enter N/A.
End restraint crack width can now relate to the restrained length Lr
Wk1 according to ho / H ratio can now be adjusted according to likely active ΔWk1 %.
Reference 25 added in respect of Autogenous Healing of Cracks
Crack section updated to show more information in respect of Wk1 limits and leakage flows
Punching shear formulae derivation explanation is more detailed
Info section modified as above
1-4-6 Minor Changes.††† 2010 versions of FULL and LITE are now available.
1-4-5 Minor Changes
1-4-4 Fatigue Factors for bent bars extended.Fatigue shear legs ζ factor is definable.
Definable αcc,fat value is introduced and is usable in lieu of normal αcc value.
Fatigue Tab now includes Wohler diagrams that show k1 for N > 1 million
Crack tab updated to display EC2 Modular Ratio when BS diagram selected.
1-4-3 Fatigue updated
Fatigue Tab added to Pro versions
Main Sheet split into 2 pages to show charts on 2nd sheet to suit Excel 2010 requirements
1-4-2 Flexural only analysis default is set to ignore any tensile Fs2 contribution
This can be re-set in the Global Data Input section if required
Individual flexural only analysis is set by entering N =0 and a redistribution δ value
Ult Stress Strain diagrams adjust accordingly
1-4-1 Some Changes to Main Sheet to suit Demo Version
Main section opens with a "How to Use" sheet
Global Input ages standardised at ValueD or ValueY i.e. 28D or 60Y
Commonly varied Key Global Data highlighted on Global Input sheet
Commonly varied Key Global Data now repeated on Main Design Sheets
22nd Jan 2011 Fatigue Info improved
1-3-8 BS Punching Shear allows both failure zone perimeters to be specified
BS Punching Shear Main sheet output data information increased
BS Punching Shear legs can be specified as a number per perimeter or centres
Main sheet Punching Shear Input Data method revised
Info sheet updated in respect of Punching Shear
Punching Shear sheet now derives EC2 or BS concrete and shear leg stresses
Punching Shear sheet shows shear perimeter calculation methods and formulae
1-3-7 NMV Sheet renamed as Tables
Tables and Charts derivation formula sheet added
Tables and Charts can now display for good and poor bond conditions
More detail and derivations added to Punching Shear sheet
Vratio value can now modify EC2 2vc at 2D limit for xD < 2D
BS Punching Shear updated
1-3-6 Punching Shear Basic Control U1 D factors defined in Main sheet Global Data
β Factor or MEDxx & MEDyy Main sheet input simplified
Punching Shear improved
Punch sheet 1 updated with more explanation
Lap length display criteria can be set via the Main sheet Global Data.
1-3-5 New Vratio factor defines EC2 shear loads which are within 2D of support
An extra line has been added to the Main Sheet Input to allow this
Above defined shear loads are now factored by (Max (0.5D or xD) ) / 2D
(Above is not applicable to Punching Shear or BS)
Punching Shear β value can now be set by user or calculated by program
Info page updated in respect of Shear β, Vratio and xD explanations
Face 2 crack width can now be based on Good or Poor Bond conditions
Crack Sheet 1 updated in respect of Poor Bond results
1-3-4 BS Punching Shear allows a Circular Failure Perimeter (Main Sheet cell R78)
BS Punching Shear diagram corrected for case where xD < 1.5
Punching Shear β value can now be set to 1.0 when not applicable
Min%As1 example on Crack sheet 2 now allows independent control of age for forces
NMV Chart now allows bespoke or Auto As2 / As1 values
NMV sheet side diagrams improved
NMV Tables now allow 3 variations of Crack Width or Centres or As2 / As1 ratio
User is now able to create a bespoke set of NMV tables (3 per page)
1-3-3 Restraint Crack Diagrams and interaction improved
Fs1 & Fs2 output decimal places can be globally set by user
Face 2 EC2 crack width calculation improved
1-3-2 Minor Changes to display
PIN based licence system introduced
Forces Min%As1 / BZ result row added to MAIN sheet
Shrinkage Min%As1 / BZ result row added to MAIN sheet
Shrinkage Min Age for Min%As1 / BZ check added to MAIN sheet
Min%As1 Explanation sheet added to Crack section
1-3-1 EC2 Punching capacity display improved where Design xD > 2.0
EC2 Punching capacity where xD < 2.0 based on (vRD,c) (2D / Design xD)
Punching capacity where Design xD >= xD at Uout is based on concrete alone
1-3-0 Main sheet output now includes Fs1 & Fs2.Output sequence revised.
Detailed Service equations shown and Iterative (Goal Seek) solution provided.
Crack section now shows more detailed calculations for BS and EC2.
Main Bars < 10mm now display in diagrams.
Bundled Extra bars can now be applied to Face1 & Face2 simultaneously.
F1+ bars now called Extra Bars or E
Bars in 3rd Layer now L3 and are specified as Lgap i.e. L25 = 25mm gap.
Service Section now includes equations for key constants
Section Cross Section and Elevation Graphics have been improved.
Punching Shear Diagram design check perimeter now matches specified xD.
1-2-8 Shear Force Shift Diagram Improved.
1-2-7 Shear Strut and Tie and Force Shift explanation and diagrams added
Routines added for for general / simple flexure and shear calculations
1-2-6 Flexural Charts Added
1-2-5 BS8110 & EC2 Flexural Equations added.Punching Shear β Value calculations now automatic.
1-2-4 BS8007 Conc Stiffening Stress can be set at 2/3 N/mm≤, 1 N/mm≤, or Automatic
1-2-3 Staad Pro Assembler allows output to adjust to a specified Design Width.
1-2-2 Staad Pro Assembler revised to improve Excel 2007 compatability.
1-2-1 Wood and Armer procedure added to Staad Pro Assembler.
1-1-1 File Notation changed to reflect revision status.Major-Intermediate-Minor
Punching shear secondary radials start point now matches leg spacing.
Full depth crack width alerts added. Service X < 50mm or 0.2H alert added.
1-0-13 Span / Depth Ratio revised in accordance with latest National Annex
Bond Condition adjustment choice to Crack Width included
Lap length alert value added.EC2 Lap length requirements updated.
1-0-12 Torsion design revised as a result of missing Asw equation in EC2.Design now follows method in Designer's Guide to
EN1992-1-1 and EN1992-1-2 by Narayanan & Beeby and is consistent with draft versions of the Code.